Welcome to Ars Magna.com.  Ars Magna is the business that I, Dudley Irish, set up to do high quality, standards based software development as an independent consultant.  I have been involved in many, diverse projects and have developed particular expertise in database design and implementation, distributed computing, and software development methods and practice.

My current direction is to find a project which will exploit these areas and provide an opportunity for me to gain new skill sets.  To this end, I am hoping to find a "big data" project.  By "big data" I mean any project that has one or more of the following features:

  • Large amounts of data to be analysed;
  • A distributed, highly parallel compute environment;
  • A significant extraction, transformation, loading component; or,
  • Unstructured data or a "No-SQL" database.

The specific technology and/or tools involved are not critical, I am looking to learn.

My substantial experience in database design, data warehouse, ETL and distributed processing makes me a great addition to any team that is working on a project like this.  I am interested in any role from project lead to contributing engineer.  If you are looking to staff a team for a "big data" project, please contact me, I would love to contribute.

Please direct all inquires to sales or call me at 801-534-0533 or 801-916-9676.

More information is available on Linked-In or you may review one the the following versions of my resume:

Dudley Irish, keyword oriented resume

Dudley Irish, project oriented resume

Dudley Irish, detailed (long) resume.