Welcome to Ars Magna.com.  Ars Magna is a single person consulting company owned and operated by Dudley Irish.  This company was set up to allow me to do high quality, standards based software development as an independent consultant.  I have been involved in many, diverse projects and have developed particular expertise in database design and implementation, distributed computing, and software development methods and practice.  I am also enrolled in the Masters program in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Utah.

My current direction is to find a project which will exploit these areas and provide an opportunity for me to gain new skill sets.  The combination of experience with small devices and large databases makes a project int the Internet-of-things area a possibility.  Given my recent patent in encryption/cloud storage, a big data or related project would also be interesting.

The specific technology and/or tools involved are not critical, I am looking to learn.

Please direct all inquires to Dudley Irish or call me at 801-916-9676.

For more information, please review one the the following versions of my resume:


Keyword oriented resume


Project oriented resume


Detailed (long) resume